Ferus Online

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Who We Are

    Started as a group of friends lead by hobbyist and budding game designer Josh Greaves (Myself), Gator Crossing Productions was co-founded by long time friend Kyle Legere. We founded our "Company" as a place to come together with friends and make beautiful things. Games, Videos, and Other forms of entertainment being our vector. We have aimed to create products we are proud of and satisfying. We want our fans to enjoy it just as much or more than we do. Money is nice, but that isn't priority one. After awhile many other friends joined up with us and we even began incorporating a few strangers who became friends. Our small community has grown from the original two and our goals have changed slightly. Ferus Online is a dream of an indie RPG that listens to the playerbase and focuses on creating an environment where everyone has something to enjoy, but the game is not to be theme park. Social interaction will be important although solo players are to be able to enjoy the game as well. The key shall be balance and because we will listen to the community on most matters, this balance shall come. A small indie team has the disadvantage of time and starting budget, however it has the advantage of not being forced or cookie cutter like big industry game companies. I have had dreams about the beauty and smoothness of Ferus Online, i've seen the world stretching through my brain in vivid detail, and I will tell you it is beautiful, it is my personal goal and the goal of everyone at Gator Crossing to get this dream realized, we may be busy at times, but this is always in the back of many of our minds just scratching at our consciousness it is a beast that can't be tamed. At the risk of going on a tangent, I will cut this description brief. Thank you for supporting us! 

Special Thanks

    A special thanks to everyone who has supported us so far and taken an interest in our project, I'd like to list all of the mentors and free sites out there that supported the development of our skills in terms of coding, art, and planning, but for now this will have to do. Thank you, from the bottom of our little nerdy hearts. 

Team Behind The Game in Progress

Josh Greaves -Lead Game Designer, Programmer, and Owner

Kyle Legere

Gabe Phillips - Character balance and concept development

Zachary Kreuter (Raynard Tenrik) - Inanimate Modeler

Josh O'dell (ScienceFriction) - SDK monitor and vocal talent

Andrew Stady - Co Executive of Nonsense

Clayton Rumsey - Chief of Nonsense

Glimpee - Inclement Music


Keerav Surely - Theme and Title Music

Roger Fleming (Buddy Stems) - Character and Organics Modeler

Individual Special Thanks!

WrathIX, for the casual mentoring of Game Design from time to time.